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In India, despite the attraction of the private sector, many people still prefer to prefer government jobs for various reasons. According to a report in 2023, out of the country's population of 1.2 billion, only 3.75% of people were employed in the government sector, that is, out of 10,000 people, only 375 people had government jobs. These figures do not reflect the number of applicants, as every year lakhs of people apply for government jobs, but only a few are successful. Government employees often prefer central government jobs due to the abundance of facilities. Let us know about the various benefits provided to central government employees:

1. Housing, Car and Assistant:

Central Government employees get various facilities including allotted accommodation for residents.

Higher-level officers, such as Group A officers, are provided additional benefits, including a car with a driver and the assistance of an assistant.

2. Job Security:

Job security is an important factor for central government employees because, unlike private companies, there is less fear of losing a job arbitrarily.

Government jobs are often secure up to 58 years of age, and in some positions, employees can continue working beyond the age of 58.

3. Fixed Working Hours:

Working hours for central government employees are usually fixed, with approximately 8-9 hours of work per day. Overtime requirements are limited compared to the private sector where 10–12 hours or more may be common.

4. Best medical facilities, free of cost:

Almost all central government employees and their families are provided free medical insurance by the government.

Free medical treatment is available in major government hospitals, ensuring excellent healthcare facilities.

5. Dearness Allowance (DA) Facility:

Central government employees get an increase in annual dearness allowance (DA), which is adjusted based on inflation.

Pensioners also benefit from these allowances.

In short, Central Government employees enjoy a variety of facilities and benefits, making government jobs an attractive option for many despite the competitive nature of the selection process.