What are the conditions to become a drone didi, and which women are selected?


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The central government regularly introduces various schemes for the citizens of the country to cater to different needs and sections of the population. In line with its efforts to empower women, the Central Government has launched several schemes, especially for women. Among these, there is an important scheme for women known as NaMo Drone Didi Scheme, which educates women about the use of drones in agricultural activities. Let us understand the selection process for women under this scheme.

Selection Process in NaMo Drone Didi Scheme:

To empower women and provide them with more employment opportunities, the Central Government launched the Drone Didi Scheme in November 2023. To be selected under this scheme, women have to fulfill certain eligibility criteria. There are many self-help groups for women in India.

The Government of India aims to provide training to more than 15,000 women associated with these self-help groups under the NaMo Drone Didi scheme. To avail of the benefits, it is mandatory for women to be active members of a self-help group and have Indian citizenship. Their age should also be between 18 to 37 years.

Benefits of the scheme:

Under the Namo Drone Didi scheme, women get 15 days of training as well as a stipend of Rs 15,000. This amount is transferred directly to their bank accounts through Direct Benefit Transfer. The government aims to benefit 15,000 women out of more than 10 crore women associated with self-help groups under the scheme. After completion of training, drones are also provided to the women by the government.

Documents required for the scheme:

To avail of the benefits of the scheme, women must have certain documents, which include an Aadhar card, residence certificate, PAN card, email ID, phone number, self-help group ID card, and passport-size photographs.