Weight loss tips: Does eating rice lead to weight gain? Know what is the opinion of fitness coaches about this!


People are always in a dilemma about whether to eat rice or not during a weight loss diet. Most people say that it is better to avoid rice during weight loss. But some recent dieticians are saying that eating rice has no effect on weight gain.

Many people say that it is important to eat all the food groups, avoiding any food group will not help in weight loss. Recently fitness coach Mitten Kakaiya said on his Instagram account that rice has nothing to do with your increasing weight.

Eating rice or roti is not the reason for weight gain. The reason behind weight gain is overeating. Overeating can lead to weight gain. However, this is not the only reason behind weight gain.

Along with eating habits, here are some other lifestyle changes you can adopt to lose weight:


1. Exercise is important

Whether for the purpose of weight loss or not, everyone should do some kind of physical exercise. Exercise not only helps in reducing weight but also keeps many diseases at bay.

2. Include Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are a big part of a healthy diet, therefore, it is recommended to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables if you are trying to lose weight.

3. Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water flushes out oxidants from your body and keeps your skin healthy. It also helps in reducing excessive fat.


4. Proper Sleep

We often overlook the fact that our body requires a certain amount of rest for proper functioning. Therefore, it is most important to take proper rest and get at least six to eight hours of sleep.