Weight loss: It is more difficult for women to lose weight! But why?


Women Can Not Lose Weight Easily: It is not easy for women to get rid of obesity. For this, it is not the lack of effort made by them but the mechanism of their body that is responsible. In such a situation, if you are not able to lose weight even after doing regular gym and dieting for months, then do not be disappointed.


The bodies of women and men are different both internally and externally. Due to which both bodies respond differently to everything. Even after taking the same diet or doing exercise, there is a lot of difference in their weight loss. 

According to a report published in NCBI, 10 out of 58 studies have confirmed that it is more difficult for women to lose weight than men. The reason behind this is metabolic and hormonal which are different from each other in women and men.

That's why not asana, weight loss for women -


Generally, women have a higher percentage of body fat and a lower percentage of muscle compared to men. Due to this, the weight loss process slows down.

obesity-related diseases

Medical conditions like thyroid, and PCOS are related to obesity. Because the risk of this disease is higher in women than in men, women suffering from these diseases are not able to lose weight quickly.

Cravings and Hunger

According to a 2009 study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, men have a slightly better ability to suppress their hunger and cravings than women. 


In women who gain excessive weight during pregnancy, the chances of becoming overweight or obese after 21 years increase many times more than other women. However, being overweight than normal during pregnancy and for a year after is one thing.

Sex hormones

Sex hormones like estrogen and progesterone play a big role in body structure. Estrogen is the main hormone in women. In such a situation, low or high levels negatively affect obesity, hunger cravings, and insulin sensitivity.  

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