Weight Gain Remedies: Do you also have to listen to taunts due to thinness, then include these foods in your diet for healthy weight gain.


These days, due to changing lifestyle and bad eating habits, most of the people are worried about their increasing weight, while there are some people who, despite trying hard to get fat, often face problems due to their thinness. And have to hear taunts from relatives, which sometimes affects mental health.

If you too are tired of hearing taunts because of your thinness, then today we will tell you about some natural foods with the help of which you can easily increase your weight. Let us know which are those 5 natural foods-

Nuts and Nut Butter:

If you want to gain healthy weight in a natural way, then nuts and nut butter are a great option for this. In fact, including nuts like almonds and peanut butter, rich in fat and protein, in your diet gives you a good amount of calories and nutrients.


Avocado is rich in many nutrients and is also helpful in healthy weight gain. A good amount of calories are found in it, which enhances both taste and health. In such a situation, you can also make it a part of your diet.

Whole milk and

full fat dairy products are rich in calories, protein and essential nutrients, by making them a part of your diet, you can increase your weight naturally. It improves the health of your bones as well as helps in increasing weight.



Our elders have always been advising us to eat bananas to gain weight, but have you thought what is the reason for this? If not, let us tell you. Actually, a good amount of carbs and vitamins are found in banana, due to which it proves to be a calorie enhancing snack.

Lean Protein:

If you are non-vegetarian, then you can include lean protein in your diet to increase your weight. Chicken and fish etc. provide protein for better development of muscles and also give you calories for healthy weight gain.