Weight Control Tips: This method can help you in staying healthy and slim fit as you grow older.


Nowadays, due to busy life, we are not getting time to do physical activities. Especially those of 30s and 40s are of working age, due to which they keep ignoring other important things. Due to busyness, they are not able to concentrate even on eating. Which has a bad effect on our weight and health, then the solution to this problem lies in the plate method, which is an easy way to keep the quantity of food and weight under control.

The plate method is an easy and effective way to divide your plate into three parts – half of the plate is for fruits and vegetables, one-fourth is for protein-rich foods and the remaining quarter is for your favorite carbohydrates. Is for. This method helps us in supplying essential nutrients to the body and also keeps the diet balanced.

When we are in our 30s and 40s, many changes occur in our bodies. As we age, our metabolism gradually decreases. At this time we need to pay more attention to how much we eat and what we eat. It becomes easier to take care of this through the plate method.

Fruits and vegetables fill half of the plate, providing the vitamins, minerals, and fiber we need. These are very important for our health and help in keeping you healthy as you grow older.

Protein sources, such as lean meats, lentils, and tofu, make your muscles strong and healthy. Along with most of the vitamins and minerals related to food, they also help in building body tissues.

Finally, carbohydrates provide you with energy and keep your diet balanced. In this you can include your favorite things like chapatti, rice, and pasta.


By following the plate method, you can keep your weight under control even in your 30s and 40s and avoid many diseases that occur with increasing age.