Weddings are happening in winter, so these tips and experiments will be useful to keep you away from the cold.

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Avoiding the cold at a winter wedding and looking beautiful together seems like a difficult task and that too when you are about to become a bride. So in today's article, we are going to share some such tricks with you.

Most of the brides ignore the cold to look happy and stylish at the wedding but it is not possible for every bride. It is very important to keep yourself safe to avoid the chilling cold and the corona on it. So if you too are going to get married this month, then know some such tips and tricks, with the help of which you can stay comfortable to a great extent even in winter without compromising on style.

Wear fleece tights under a lehenga

Wear nude, white, or black colored fleece tights under the lehenga to stay out of the cold. Due to the length of the thighs, they are not even visible but are the best in maintaining body heat.

Choose Velvet Fabric

Velvet means velvet is the perfect fabric for winters. Which also looks royal and keeps you comfortable. So instead of net, brocade, or other fabric, wearing a velvet lehenga would be the best decision.

Pashmina shawl with dupatta

Imagining it may sound strange but this is a very good idea to escape from the cold. Pinup the shawl inside the dupatta then fix it on the head with the help of pins.

Drape the scarf

When most brides wear saris during the rounds, then you can also wrap the shawl at this time. Don't worry it will not give a bad look at all but it will cover both front and back well.