Wedding Trends 2023: Not heavy outfits, but these trends are now becoming the choice of couples..


Wedding Trends 2023: If you are planning your wedding this year, then Insta hashtags can help you a lot with wedding bells and mood board fashion, decor, henna, styling, and trouser making. Be it a big fat Indian wedding or private wedding, destination wedding to green wedding, know what is special this wedding season.


Minimal guest, maximalist theme
People have now made the pressure of reducing the guest list a part of choice during the Corona period. People are preferring to get married to very close friends and relatives to make the moment memorable.

Seven rounds at dusk
It is also called Golden Hours Wedding. All the rituals of marriage are done by taking seven rounds in the twilight looking at the pole star in the north. The event planners say that the couple is following their culture with all the rituals of their marriage with great intensity and thoroughness.

Green Wedding
In an environment-friendly wedding, the couple's priority is to reduce their carbon footprint and protect Mother Earth, such as minimizing food wastage and avoiding plastic and one-time-use items. Using flowers and things that can be reused for decoration. Glass utensils, kulchas, wooden spoons, and earthen glasses are now in trend.

full entertainment wedding
It is not possible to imagine Indian weddings without entertainment. Couples are planning events like escape room photo booths and know your couple in a wedding for guests' welcome. Some couples even organize events such as karaoke nights and family albums, where skits reflect the couple's life.


The Bridgton effect
This year this effect is everywhere. The world of Lady Whistle Down is recreated in the same way as the planners, which reflects the glorious Victorian Era. The lavender and primrose-colored lehengas will take you back to that era. Royal-style flower bouquets, using candles for light illumination. 2023 is in Netflix's web series Bridgeton Effect Wedding.

Pic credit- Social media