Weather update: Light rain may occur in Jaipur and Bharatpur division, temperature crossed 39 degree


Monsoon season is underway but the indifference of rains has left people in Rajasthan worried. The clouds that rained heavily in July are now troubling people in August. The situation has become such that 19 days of August have passed and except a few places, there is drought in the name of rain.

The condition of heat and sunshine is such that it is getting hot like May or June. The temperature reached 39 degree Celsius and the sun is such that you cannot step out. On the other hand, if the Meteorological Department is to be believed, light rain is expected in Jaipur, Karauli, Bharatpur, Sawaimadhopur and Dhaulpur of Jaipur and Bharatpur divisions today.

According to the Meteorological Department, the effect of South Western Wind has increased for the last few days. Because of this, the monsoon is getting weak in the state. According to the Meteorological Department, this phase will continue for the next one week.