Wearing Bra At Night: Why should you not wear a bra while sleeping at night? Know its side effects from experts!


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Health experts recommend wearing comfortable clothes while sleeping at night for good health. Wearing tight clothes does not result in good sleep. Apart from this, the person faces many health-related problems. A similar question regarding clothes often comes to the mind of women, to which they want to answer but due to hesitation, they are not able to ask the doctor or friends or other people. The question is whether one should wear a bra while sleeping at night or not.

According to research, one should not wear any clothes while sleeping at night. All parts of the body need air. But if for some reason you cannot do this then wear light clothes while sleeping at night. So that air can reach all parts of the body. In such a situation, the question is, can you sleep wearing a bra at night? What health-related harm can you suffer from sleeping wearing a bra? Dr. Shaili Singh, senior gynecologist, at Rosewalk Hospital, says, wearing a bra for too long can cause blemishes on the skin and can cause back injury due to the hooks pricking in the back. Let us know what are the disadvantages of sleeping and wearing a bra at night.


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Side effects of sleeping wearing a bra

Fungal Infection:

Wearing a bra for too long can cause sweat to accumulate around the breasts. Due to this, bacteria start growing there and fungal infection occurs. Therefore, after wearing it throughout the day, it is necessary to remove the bra at night.

Itching problem:

Wearing a bra day and night can cause cyst problems in women. It is very common for the skin to become itchy after wearing it for a long time. Not only this, doing so also increases the chances of developing a lump in the breast. In such a situation, women should absolutely avoid wearing it at night.


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Bad effect on blood circulation

Wearing a bra for a long time affects the blood circulation in the body. This causes problems like insomnia and blood does not reach the breasts properly. So the woman may have to face internal problems. Not only this, wearing a tight bra can also cause damage to the breast muscles.

Back Pain:

If you do not remove it at night after wearing a bra all day, you may complain of back pain. Remember that tight or small bras can cause back pain.