Watermelon Side Effects: Do not make these mistakes after eating watermelon, it will harm your health!


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Many people love to eat watermelon, especially during the summer months. Consuming watermelon provides many health benefits. However, there are some things you should avoid eating after eating watermelon to avoid digestive problems. Here are four things you should never eat after eating watermelon:


Avoid drinking milk immediately after eating watermelon. The mixture of these two can be harmful to your health. Watermelon contains vitamin C, which can react with milk and cause bloating. This can also cause indigestion and bad breath. Therefore, mixing watermelon and milk is not advised.


Never consume salt immediately after or with watermelon. Doing this can be harmful to your health. Consuming salt with watermelon may interfere with the absorption of its nutrients, leading to fluctuations in blood pressure and potentially cardiovascular problems.

High Protein Foods: 

It is advisable to avoid high-protein foods to avoid discomfort after eating watermelon. Doctors suggest that watermelon contains both vitamins and starch which can harm the digestive system. This can also cause many other problems.


Avoid consuming eggs and watermelon together. Their properties have different effects on the body, which can cause bloating and constipation. They can interfere with each other's digestion, causing digestive problems.