Watching TV for a long time can cause dangerous diseases!


Most people are busy on the phone nowadays, and even today many people are not missing the TV. Tell that, watching TV has been an important part of people's life even today. If you watch TV for a long time, it can increase the risk of coronary heart disease. Watching TV for a long time can cause heart problems.

If a person watches TV regularly for less than 1 hour per day, he/she can be protected from the risk of coronary heart disease. Everyone that if a person sits for a long time and stays away from physical activities, then the risk of heart disease increases. Sitting on a screen for a long time not only reduces physical activity in a person's life but can also increase coronary heart disease in the body.


For your information, let us tell you that, among more than 5 million people who each compiled their polygenic risk score, researchers found that those who regularly watched more than 4 hours of TV had the highest risk of heart disease. Those who watched TV two to three hours a day had a 6% lower rate of developing heart disease.