War with Corona : These two things make the jacob-d vaccine 'most special', know here in detail

War with Corona : These two things make the jacob-d vaccine 'most special', know here in detail

India is making efforts to continuously increase its power to combat the corona infection. In this sequence, the country's sixth vaccine, Jaycob-D, has received emergency use approval from the Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) of India. Earlier, five vaccines had been approved for emergency use in the country, including Russia's Sputnik-V, America's Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson with two indigenous vaccines, Covishield and Covaccine. In all studies, Jaycob-D is being considered as a very special vaccine for India.

War with Corona : These two things make the jacob-d vaccine 'most special', know here in detail

Jaycob-D is the world's first DNA-based corona vaccine. The country's third indigenous vaccine, Zycob-D, has been developed by Ahmedabad-based pharmaceutical major Zydus Cadila. For India, this vaccine is also being considered special because it is the first vaccine in the country, which can also be used for people in the age group of 12-18 years. Let us know the special things related to the Zycob-D vaccine in the following slides.

Teenagers will also get protection from Corona

So far, corona vaccines are available in the country only for people above the age of 18 years, so the risk of corona in people younger than this is believed to be intact. The country's third indigenous vaccine is being considered very effective in overcoming this big problem. According to the data submitted by the company to the drug regulator, the effectiveness of this vaccine against corona is believed to be more than 66.6 percent. Studies have also found this vaccine to be effective against newer and more infectious variants of the corona. It is being seen as a big success in protecting teenagers from corona infection.

War with Corona : These two things make the jacob-d vaccine 'most special', know here in detail

A special feature of vaccine 1: Corona's first DNA based vaccine

What makes Jaycob-D unique is its DNA-based technology. Jaycob-D is a plasmid DNA vaccine prepared using a non-replicating version of a DNA molecule called a plasmid. This will help in producing a harmless version of the spike protein present on the membrane of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the body, which can be easily protected against future infections. Scientists have seen impressive results in clinical trials of the vaccine. The company has so far conducted the largest clinical trial of the vaccine in more than 50 centers in the country.

The special feature of vaccine 1: Corona's first needle-free vaccine

Jaycob-D is also Corona's first needle-free vaccine, which means that injecting it into the body will not require a needle-like other vaccine. The vaccine will be given through a jet injector instead of a needle. A jet injector is a special type of device in which vaccines are injected into the skin by means of pressure made from a gas or a spring. There will be no pain experienced in vaccines administered through this medium.

How effective is this vaccine

According to the data released by the company, more than 28,000 people were studied in the third phase of the vaccine. In this, scientists have claimed that the vaccine is more than 66 percent effective. The company says that it will make this vaccine available to the people by September. Dr. Sharvil Patel, Managing Director, Zydus Cadila says, “We plan to supply 30-40 lakh doses of the vaccine by September. The target is to increase the supply from 3 crores to 4 crores by December. This vaccine can play an important role in speeding up the country's vaccination campaign.

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