Walking slowly or fast after dinner? Click here to know which is better


We all know how beneficial walking is for health. To keep themselves healthy, most people also do running and brisk walking. Some people also say that after dinner we should not lie down immediately but instead, we should take a walk. Now the question comes of how should we walk after dinner, fast or slow.

You must have often seen people walking around you or in your neighbourhood at night. Many people say that after dinner they often take a walk for some time and only then lie down on the bed. But some people go straight to bed after eating food. By doing this, the kana is not digested properly and you may have digestive problems after waking up in the morning. To avoid this problem, you must take a walk after eating food, but for how long and at what speed you should walk or jog, let us know about it.

Many health experts say that you should have dinner by 7 pm. Do not go for a walk immediately after having dinner, rather go for a walk at least an hour after eating. Along with this, always avoid brisk walking at night and walk as slowly as possible. After dinner, take a normal walk for half an hour to an hour. Walking too fast can cause pain in your stomach.

1. Helpful in digesting food

If you walk for half an hour after dinner, it will improve your digestion. You will also not have problems like indigestion, stomach ache, gas etc.

2. Boost metabolism

Walking after dinner boosts your metabolism and also keeps your weight under control.

3. Strong immunity

The habit of taking a walk after dinner will increase your immunity and you will also be protected from many types of seasonal diseases. To keep your heart healthy, you should also walk daily.

4. Peaceful sleep

Walking releases a hormone called endorphin in the body. This hormone keeps the brain healthy and reduces stress, due to which you get good sleep.