Vridha Pension Details: Yogi government is giving a pension of Rs 1000 per month to 60-year-old people, see!


Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh is giving pensions to the elderly above 60 years of age in the state. So that they can spend the last phase of their life comfortably! In this news, we will tell you what has to be done to get a pension. How much pension is available and what is the application process? This UP Vridha Pension Yojana has been started by the Social Welfare Department for the elderly of the state. Earlier Rs 500 were given as pension but now it has been doubled i.e Rs 1000.

Vridha Pension Details

Uttar Pradesh: Under this scheme, the pension amount is transferred to the beneficiary's account every month through Direct Benefit Transfer. For this, it is mandatory for the applicant's bank account to be linked to Aadhaar. Only permanent residents of UP can avail of its benefits. Uttar Pradesh Government has started this UP Vridha Pension Yojana in the name of the UP Pension Scheme. Citizens of Uttar Pradesh can become its beneficiaries! Its objective is to provide pension benefits to the elderly above 60 years of age.

UP Vridha Pension Scheme

To avail the benefits of UP Vridha Pension Yojana! The applicant must be a resident of Uttar Pradesh state. The applicant should belong to the economically weaker section of the society. Elderly people applying for the Old Pension Scheme will need birth and age certificates. Apart from this, there should be a certificate of identity. Voter ID cards, Aadhar cards, and Ration cards can be used as identity proof. In this scheme of Uttar Pradesh, along with this, a bank passbook and income certificate issued by the competent authority is necessary.

The number of elderly people reduced in this scheme of Uttar Pradesh

In the last financial year 2022-23! In Uttar Pradesh, the last instalment of old age pension is from January to March 2023! It was given to 54,97,237 elderly people! At the same time, this year i.e. in 2023-24, 42,92,856 beneficiaries! The first instalment of UP Vridha Pension Yojana was given! That means the number of beneficiaries has reduced by about 12 lakhs. According to departmental officials, on the instructions of the Centre! This year it has been made mandatory to link the beneficiaries' bank accounts with Aadhaar.


12 lakh new pensioners in this scheme of MP

According to Aseem Arun, under UP Vridha Pension Yojana, there are 12 fewer beneficiaries in the first instalment of this year as compared to the last instalment of last year. Due to the lack of Aadhaar seeding, only 9.80 lakh beneficiaries have been reduced. The remaining beneficiaries could not get the first installment due to various reasons. Departmental officials are busy finding those reasons and removing them. Told that recently by running a campaign the department has added about 12 lakh new beneficiaries to old age pension. Under this scheme of Uttar Pradesh, they are also to be paid pension in the second instalment of this year.