Vitamin For Women: Vitamins and minerals are essential for women's bodies, stay away from these diseases.

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Women Health: The needs of women's bodies are quite different. In such a situation, women need certain nutrients. You should include things rich in calcium, folic acid, iron, and vitamin D in the diet.

Important Nutrition For Women Health: Women's body is much weaker than men's. In such a situation, to stay healthy for a long time, they need many types of nutrients and vitamins. Often you must have seen women being negligent in eating and drinking, but this carelessness is dangerous for the health of women. Due to this, they start having many health problems. Due to food and lifestyle, women start feeling old before time. Women go through many hormonal changes. In such a situation, you need to take great care of your health. Know which nutrients make a woman healthy.


1- Vitamin D- Women need a lot of vitamin D along with calcium to make their bones strong. With age, women start having problems with bone pain. In such a situation, it is necessary to consume vitamin D to transport calcium to the right body. For vitamin D, you can eat things like mushrooms, milk, cheese, soy products, butter, oatmeal, fatty fish, eggs in the food.

2- Vitamin E- Women have a desire to look beautiful along with being healthy. In such a situation, you should include a good amount of vitamin E in the diet. Vitamin E makes skin, hair, and nails nice and beautiful. Foods rich in Vitamin E are very important to maintain the beauty of women. Vitamin E does not cause the problem of wrinkles, blemishes. Moisture remains in the skin so that you stay young for a long time. You can consume things like almonds, peanuts, butter, spinach for this.


3- Vitamin A- The change of menopause starts in the body of women between 40 and 45. Due to which many changes take place in the body of women. In such a situation, many changes take place from the skin to the body. For this vitamin A is very important for the body. You can eat things like carrots, papaya, pumpkin seeds, spinach to meet the deficiency of vitamin A.

4- Vitamin K- Vitamin K is also very beneficial for the body of women. Due to this, there is no problem of excessive bleeding in periods and there is no problem of excessive bleeding during childbirth. For this, you can include soybean oil, green vegetables in the diet.


5- Vitamin B9- Women need many types of vitamins during pregnancy. In such a situation, vitamin B-9 is very important for the body. Due to the lack of vitamins, the problem of birth defects also starts in many children. For vitamin B-9 i.e. folic acid, women can include food like beans, grains, yeast in their diet.

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