Vitamin D Deficiency: Vitamin D deficiency in women increases the risk of these diseases, click here to know!


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Amidst domestic responsibilities, women often ignore their health. After the age of 30, women's body gradually starts becoming weak. They may have to face various deficiencies, diseases, and weaknesses. One such important nutrient is Vitamin D deficiency. Due to a deficiency of Vitamin D, women may have to suffer from heart attack, stroke, bone pain, and joint pain.

Some symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency visible on the body are as follows:

Increased susceptibility to disease:

Vitamin D deficiency weakens the immunity of women, which leads to frequent diseases. Vitamin D strengthens the body's immunity and helps fight diseases.

Fatigue :

Women suffering from Vitamin D deficiency often feel tired and weak. It becomes difficult for them to do normal activities. The blood sugar level gradually decreases.


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Stress :

Surprisingly, vitamin D deficiency also has a significant impact on mental health, especially for emotionally sensitive women. Therefore Vitamin D is important for them. Its deficiency can cause stress and depression.

Risk of Vitamin D Deficiency on Cardiovascular Disease:

According to cross-sectional research, vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of CVD. These include high blood pressure, heart failure, and ischemic heart disease. Preliminary prospective studies have also shown that individuals with pre-existing CVD and vitamin D deficiency have a higher risk of sudden death or hypertension. Research is ongoing into how vitamin D may improve CVD outcomes.

Bone weakness:

Bones become weak due to deficiency of Vitamin D. If there is any deficiency in women then they will always feel pain. This deficiency can be compensated by consuming milk products, fatty fish, mushrooms, etc.