Virus Alert: How to know whether your phone has virus or not, know the method..

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It has now become common for viruses or malware to enter smartphones. Viruses are a type of malware that are adept at giving themselves a new form. These are like bloodworms and once they enter the system, they keep increasing their numbers continuously. With their help, hackers can take the data of your entire system and can even take over your system and operate your phone or computer sitting seven seas away. In today's report, we will tell you how to detect the virus.


How do viruses reach the phone?
     After clicking on unknown links.

     Such links are sent through mail, WhatsApp, or message.

     When you click on these links, a site opens and viruses reach your phone.

     Visiting unknown or suspicious sites can also cause viruses to enter your phone.

     On downloading the app from any store other than Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

     By connecting your phone to Wi-Fi in public places like hotels, airports, railway stations, and bus stands.

What is the detection of a virus in the phone?
     If there is malware in your phone then Google also sends you an alert for it.

     Apart from this, many times popup notifications are seen at such places in the phone where they should not be there.

     The sudden slowing down of the phone is also a sign of malware.

     If your phone's storage suddenly becomes full, you need to be alert.

     Your phone's browser is repeatedly redirecting you to some obscene or unknown site.

     People in your family start receiving such messages which you have not even sent.

How to protect your Android phone from a malware attack?
     Do not download apps from any unknown source.

     Before downloading any app, read its reviews and understand how the app is going to use your data.

     Use strong passwords on your phone and apps.


     Do not use the same password for all accounts or apps.

     Delete your phone's cache memory from time to time.

     Keep checking your browsing history and get alerted if you see any site history you don't know about.

     Keep updating your phone's apps and phone.

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