VASTU TIPS: Worship like this with yellow rice, God will fulfill your every wish after being pleased


According to religious scriptures, every worship in Hinduism is considered incomplete without rice, the usefulness of rice in worship is considered to be surprisingly effective.

Money-related problems can also be eliminated by taking rice-related remedies, today we tell you some benefits of yellow rice, use turmeric to make rice yellow, for this, add water with a little turmeric and mix it with wet turmeric rice. Add 11 grains, after this, color the rice well in turmeric, when the rice is colored, then use this rice for worship.

After getting up early in the morning on any auspicious day, Friday or Ekadashi, keep it in front of the picture or idol of Goddess Lakshmi and use this rice to make a bundle. Money is gained in a few days as well as any major loss related to money is averted.

Use rice in worship every day and donate rice in the temple, give it to a needy person, do this every Monday, by adopting this remedy, you can also get positive results in no time.

If your work is getting stuck again and again, then the reason for this can also be Pitra Dosh, so make yellow rice pudding and feed it with roti on the new moon day, by doing this you will get the blessings of ancestors and your work will also be completed.