Vastu Tips: Use this spice to get rid of financial problems!


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Spices are beneficial to get rid of economic problems, coriander is beneficial for happiness and prosperity. Coriander is used in spices, using coriander in spices gives a wonderful taste to food.

Those who always have tension in their house, should tie coriander leaves in a white cloth and keep it in the east direction, it removes the tension in the house. If there is no peace in the house and there is always a financial crunch in the house, then green coriander should be fed to the cow on Wednesday.


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If you want to borrow money from some person and he does not return you, then you should write the name of that person on a white piece of paper.

Put dry coriander over it and let it flow in water. This remedy should be done on Friday. Soon you will get your stuck money.


PC: lokmat.news18

Keep dry coriander in an earthen pot and place coins in it in the first half of any month and install it in the north direction. This gives relief from money-related problems.