Vastu Tips: This tree should be planted in the north direction of the house, Goddess Lakshmi will be happy!


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It has been told in Vastu Shastra in which direction many things should be in the house and which things should not be in the house. Vastu Shastra helps in removing many defects. Today we are going to tell you which tree should be planted in the north direction of the house and what are its vast benefits. What are the auspicious things that make Goddess Lakshmi happy? In the north direction is the abode of Kuber and Lakshmi, the gods of wealth. So let's find out.


Tulsa is revered in Hinduism. Because Tulsa is the form of Goddess Lakshmi. Planting basil plants in the north direction of the house strengthens the economic side. Goddess Lakshmi is pleased by worshiping Tulsa daily. Tulsi should be worshiped only after taking a bath daily.

Banana tree

The Banana tree is considered to be the form of Lord Vishnu. Having a banana tree in the house is considered auspicious. Vishnu and Lakshmi are pleased by worshiping this tree daily. That's why it is considered auspicious to plant this tree in the north direction. Lighting a lamp near this tree on Sunday brings happiness and prosperity to the house.


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Money plant

A money plant is also planted in the house as a good luck charm. If this tree is in the north direction then it is considered auspicious. But its vine should not be hanging down. 


According to Vastu Shastra, planting a bamboo tree in the north direction is considered auspicious. Due to this, happiness and peace remain in the house. This tree is also kept in the house as a sign of good luck. Apart from this, these trees also remove negative things from the house.