Vastu Tips: These things should always be kept in mind while making stairs in the house, otherwise you will have to face troubles!


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Many people make a kitchen or bathroom under the staircase to save space while building a house. But according to Vastu Shastra, all these should never be made under the stairs. Daily-use rooms should never be made under the stairs.

There is nothing wrong with making rooms look like storerooms. Which are not used daily. Remember, don't make a vault or cupboard under the stairs to keep shoes-slippers or any valuables like jewelry-money.

Due to this, you may have to face a financial crisis. Also, take special care that there should not be any leaking tap under the stairs.


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While it's okay to have a faucet under the stairs, be careful that it doesn't leak. The ladder should be cleaned daily, dustbin should not be kept under it.

Make sure the bulbs on the stairs are on. It shouldn't be dark here. Also, keep in mind that the light should not be too bright. The lighting should be such that it is calm and mild.


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According to the color of the ladder, the light should be such that it is not reflected. There is a risk of injury while walking on stairs due to reflected light.

Stairs inside the house should never start or end at the door of the kitchen or store room.