Vastu Tips- These things lying in the house become the cause of poverty, know about them and throw them out of the house


According to Vastu Shastra, the things we keep in our homes can have auspicious or inauspicious effects on our living space. Some things, if kept unknowingly, can also invite poverty into our lives. Let us know about these things-

1. Junk:

Accumulation of junk in the house is not just clutter; This may anger Goddess Lakshmi, the harbinger of wealth and prosperity. When chaos takes over, happiness and abundance depart, making room for negative energies to flourish.

2. Broken Utensils:

Keeping broken utensils in the kitchen always brings poverty to your house. Despite hard work, blessings remain elusive in the presence of broken utensils.

3. Torn clothes:

Accumulating old and torn clothes is like accumulating bad luck. Instead, consider sharing your unused clothes with those less fortunate. The presence of torn and old clothes in the house only serves to increase poverty.

4. Thorny Plants:

The presence of thorny plants within the confines of your home creates an environment ripe for discord, stress, separation and disease. To promote harmony and happiness, say goodbye to these prickly companions.

5. Stop Clocks:

A stopped clock symbolizes stagnation and hinders progress. Its presence in the house invites many challenges and creates obstacles in the path of prosperity.