Vastu Tips: These remedies of salt can remove all negativity from home, and prosperity will come!


Salt has great importance in Vastu. Let us see how common-looking salt is beneficial for taste and health as well as your luck from Vastu's point of view.

According to Vastu Shastra, while cleaning the ground, if progress in your job has stopped for a long time, then mix some salt in the water while cleaning the house. You don't have to do it every day. You can do this once or twice a week. It is said in Vastu Shastra that applying salt water in the house brings wealth. Along with this, applying salt brings positive energy to the house.


Salt in the toilet or bathroom - If you feel that negative energy has increased in your house, then you can fill a glass cup with salt and keep it in the toilet-bathroom of your house. By doing this, the negative energy present in the house is destroyed.

- To protect the baby from the evil eye while bathing, the remedies of salt have been mentioned in Vastu Shastra. According to this, once a week, you can bathe the children by adding a pinch of salt to the water. From a scientific point of view, bathing with salt water does not cause allergic diseases in children.


Remedies for chronic diseases - If someone in your house is suffering from a chronic disease, then you can use salt as a remedy. For this, put salt in a glass jar and keep it on the head of the person suffering from the disease. Change that salt once a week and add new salt again. By doing this, the health of the person will gradually improve.