Vastu Tips: Placing taps in these directions of the house brings bad luck, click here to know Vastu Tips!


Vastu plays a very important role in Indian culture and tradition. It happens that you can enter some space and not feel any great energy around. This could be due to the Vastu defect of that place. Every person is said to be connected with nature and this is known as Vastu Shastra. However, when there are some imbalances and uncertainties in this regard, it is called Vastu Dosha.

When you are building your house, it is important that you follow various Vastu rules. This will keep the flow of positive energy in your home. When you have positive energy in your home, you will get positive results. Many rules are mentioned in Vastu Shastra; For example, it mentions in which direction your kitchen should be and where your gas stove should be placed. Similarly, it has also been told in Vastu Shastra in which direction the tap should be in your house.

According to Vastu Shastra, water taps should never be installed in the south and west direction. Instead, it should always be mentioned in the North and East direction. You should also make sure that the sink is placed at the north or northeast angle. Check before you install and sink your taps otherwise you may have financial or money-related problems.


Vastu rules for installing tap and sinks in kitchen

Your kitchen is the most important part of your home as the Lord of Fire and Goddess Annapurna reside in the kitchen. The sink and tap in your kitchen should be placed somewhere between the north and northeast.

Vastu rules for installing boring pump

Never keep the boring pump in front of the main door. Also, boring is considered inauspicious if it is near the washroom or septic tank of the house. For installing the boring pump, make sure that you choose a place where there is less movement of family members.