Vastu Tips: Money is not getting profit, happiness is not coming, try these remedies...


In today's time, every person is facing a problem related to money. Many times, even after lakhs of effort, money is not collected and there is no profit, on the other hand, there are many types of defects in the house due to which progress and prosperity do not come to the house. Today, in this article, we are going to tell you some such measures, by which money will be beneficial and happiness will also come into the house.


1- If you want special benefits, then put 14 Mukhi Rudraksha in gold and place it in a pure vessel on Tuesday morning on the ease of a red flower and bathe it with Panchamrit i.e. milk, curd, ghee, honey, and sugar. After this, get a pure bath with Ganges water or with pure water. After this, after worshiping this Rudraksha with an incense lamp, wearing it in a gold chain or red thread, chant the mantra given below for 42 days.
Om Hree Shree Kree Kleem Shree Lakshmi Mam Grihe Dhan Puraye, Dhan Puraye, Worries faraye faraye swaha.

2- If you want to get stable Lakshmi and fame, then the entire Shree Yantra has to be installed in the north direction of your house or in the worship house. After worshiping with smell, akshat, incense, lamp, a garland of the mantra given below has to be recited daily for 49 days. It is even better if you install the Yantra on Sarvardha Siddhi Yoga or Guru Pushya or Friday.

3- Many times people complain that they have a lot of money but it gets spent. In such a situation, we tell you a solution. All you have to do is that when you go to grind wheat, put 11 basil leaves in it before that. Then keep some grains in the temple. The next day bring the same grain from the temple and mix it with the grain and then take it to be ground. With this money will start increasing in your vault.


4 - If you are unable to deposit money to build your house, then you have to do one solution. Feed a poor girl every Friday and give roti and jaggery to the cow on Sunday. This remedy has to be done continuously every Friday and Sunday. By doing this you will see that soon your dream of building construction will come true.