Vastu Tips: Is it auspicious or inauspicious to plant a Peepal tree in the house, know by clicking here!


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The Peepal tree is considered very sacred in the Hindu religion. It is said that Brahma, Vishnu, and Lord Shiva reside in the Peepal tree. Many rules have been given in the scriptures regarding this tree. Actually, the Peepal tree is worshipped, because all the Gods and Goddesses reside in the Peepal tree. But having a Peepal tree in the house is not considered appropriate according to Vastu Shastra. Growing the Peepal tree in the house is very inauspicious. Therefore, the Peepal tree should not be allowed to grow in the house and if it grows, it should be uprooted. Sometimes the Peepal tree grows on the roof or wall of the house. Then people do not understand what to do in such a situation. If the Peepal tree is growing again and again in your house, then now you do not need to worry. Let us know in detail how to remove a pimple tree if it grows in the house so that it does not cause Vaastu defects.



If there is a Peepal tree planted in your house, then do this work.

If there is a Peepal tree planted in your house, then let it grow a little. After this, it should be dug out of the soil and planted at another place.

Having a Peepal tree in the house does not bring progress to the family members and it creates new problems every day. Not cutting the Peepal tree is considered inauspicious. If it has to be cut in special circumstances, it should be cut only after puja on Sunday. It should not be cut on any other day.


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If a Peepal tree grows frequently in your house, then worship that Peepal tree for 45 days and keep offering raw milk to it. After 45 days, the plant should be planted at another place along with the roots. By doing this there will be no Vastudosh.