Vastu Tips: In which direction and at what height the temple should be in the house? Click here to know


33 crore gods and goddesses are worshiped in Hinduism but everyone's favorite is different. God resides not only in temples but also in homes. Due to being busy in everyday work, we go to see God everyday. They are not able to go to the temple, that's why they establish the temple inside the house. Please tell that in Sanatan Dharma, the deities are worshiped in almost every house.

Due to this, positive energy remains in the house.
The question remains in the mind of many people that in which corner of the house it is auspicious to establish a temple and in which direction the face of God should be. Because if the temple is placed in any wrong corner of the house then the worship will not give the right result. So, let us know through this article that according to Vastu, in which corner of the house the temple should be established and in which direction the worshiper should face.

The place of God is considered to be at the top, that is why it is not right to keep the temple equal to your feet on the ground. That's why the temple should never be kept on the ground. According to Vastu, the height of the temple should be such that the feet of God reach our chest. Needed
The color of the temple should always be pink, yellow or green, it is considered auspicious according to Vastu. Only one of these colors should be on the wall.

The lamp should not be left in the temple after worship. The lamp should always be kept in the south of the house, so that positive energy can come.

The temple should never be built in the sleeping room. Because people keep roaming there even without cleanliness. This is wrong according to Vastu.

According to Vastu, the temple placed inside the house should be made of wood. Because wood is considered a symbol of good luck.
Keeping a temple made of marble stone is also auspicious according to Vastu. This also brings happiness and peace in the house.

The face of the worshiper should always be in the east direction. If the east direction is not available to sit, then it will be auspicious to sit facing the west.

The temple should always be established in the north-east direction. This corner of the house is considered very auspicious for the Lord to reside.