Vastu Tips: If you want to please Lord Kuber, then plant this plant in this direction of the house!



In Sanatan Dharma, Kuber has been considered the god of wealth. It is a religious belief that worshiping Lord Kuber brings happiness and prosperity to the house. Along with this, wealth also increases. That's why people worship the god of wealth by installing Kuber Shree Yantra at home. Lord Kuber is specially worshiped on the night of Diwali. A house where there is no family conflict and special attention is paid to cleanliness is called a house. Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, and Kubera reside in those houses. If you also want to please Lord Kuber, then plant a Crassula plant in the house.

What is Crassula?

The Crassula plant has been described as miraculous in architecture. The Crassula plant is very dear to Kubera, the god of wealth. The god of wealth is pleased by planting the Crassula plant inside the house. With his grace, happiness, peace, and prosperity remains in the house. Along with this, the income also increases.


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In which direction to plant Crassula?

According to Vastu experts, it is auspicious to plant the Crassula plant in the north direction. Apart from this, it is also beneficial to apply it on the balcony or terrace. If there is no space outside, plant Crassula on the balcony or terrace. Keep one thing in mind plant Crassula plants in places where there is no darkness

If you want to progress in business, then you can plant a Crassula plant on the cash counter. Kuberji was very pleased by doing this. With his grace, there is progress in the business.

Lord Kubera is pleased by serving the Crassula plant. This creates positive energy in the house.