Vastu Tips: If you want to get married without any delay then try these Vastu tips!


A wedding is an important occasion in everyone's life. However, for many, the process of choosing a partner becomes a daunting task. If there is a yoga of marriage in your horoscope but still it is not happening, then the vastu energy of your house is responsible for it.


These three problems can be responsible for delay in marriage:

1. You are not able to find the right match.

2. You have found a perfect match but things are not progressing.

3. Everything goes smoothly but suddenly there are clashes between the couple or suddenly the relationship breaks up.

If we talk about marriage, the main area to be seen is South West, the area in which the ancestral energy sector is present. We Indians give a lot of importance to the blessings of our ancestors for a happy marriage and overall development in our lives.

If any kind of imbalance is present here then we face obstacles in every aspect of life.

  • Make sure there are no toilets, dustbins, red color, kitchen, or plants present here.
  • If you have a toilet seat or gas burner, try relocating it. If relocation is not possible, non-destructive treatment can be done.
  • After balancing the zones, place your ancestor's photo in a gold frame in the South West and seek their blessings.

Another important zone is the east, the zone of social connectivity.

  • If this area is not working well then you are not connecting with the right people.
  • Here toilet seats, stores, or gray and white colors should be avoided. If the toilet seat is here and you cannot relocate it, it can be easily rectified using MahaVastu remedies.
  • To strengthen this zone, green plants can be planted here.


Next comes the third most important sector, which is ruled by fire.

  • The south-east direction is commonly known as the southeast angle.
  • As we all know, we light a fire or perform a Havan on any auspicious occasion in our life.
  • When this area is disturbed, the Agni gets disturbed and thus hinders the happening of these auspicious events.
  • Always avoid underground water tanks, boring, black or blue colors, or toilet seats in this area.
  • Burn a red-colored bulb or red flower to strengthen this area.

By adopting these simple measures, one can remove the obstacles in a timely and happy marriage.