Vastu Tips: If you are also building a temple in your house, then follow these rules of Vastu!


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While constructing anything in the house, one must keep Vaastu in mind. Similarly, while building a temple inside the house, special attention should be paid to the directions. Vastu Shastra also explains the rules for building a temple in the house. It also gives guidelines regarding worship rituals, installation of idols of deities, offerings etc. Let's learn about them:

Direction and size of the idol of the deity:

The temple should be built in the east or north direction only. If Shiva Linga is kept in the house, it should not be bigger than the thumb. But if it is big then a separate temple should be built in a clean place outside the house. No idol in the prayer area should be more than 6 inches tall.


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It is very important to offer food to any deity. Food should be consumed only after offering it to the gods. The quantity of prasad depends on the size of the idols. For small idols installed in our homes, the amount of food offered is the same as a person eats in a regular meal.


No deity should remain without worship. Each deity should be worshipped in the prayer area as per their respective rituals. Tamasic and Satvik gods should not be kept together. For example, fierce deities like Bhairava, Pratyangira or Kali should not be placed with sattvik deities like Lord Rama or Lord Krishna.