Vastu Tips For Plot Buying: Always follow these Vastu rules if you are going to buy a plot, otherwise there will be a loss!


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Nowadays, while buying a new house or plot, many things have to be kept in mind. The size of the plot, its structure, and its environment are several factors that contribute to the happiness and prosperity of the people in the family. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying a new plot, then you must take Vastu's tips for that. By doing this you can avoid future problems, family conflicts, and other conflicts. Let us know what are the things to be kept in mind while buying a new plot.

Which story direction will you take?

The face of the plot should be in the north-east direction. Then the back part should be towards the south-west. There is no dispute in the family due to this. Buying a Sher Mukhi plot gives the owner huge wealth and good returns in the future. When buying any plot or big plot, its size determines its future success. If you are buying a plot for commercial or residential purposes, then the corners of the plot should not be incomplete or missing. For future happiness and prosperity, one should choose North East or East facing plot.

Plot Location-

There should not be any cremation ground nearby at the time of purchasing the plot. Apart from this, such a plot should be bought which is away from the hospital or police station. Because no one in your house is happy with that. Fate does not favor constant debate.

Land Structure-

If there is black or red soil on the plot then it is very beneficial. When a new house is built, there are many bushes and shrubs there. One should avoid purchasing a plot on white soil, sandy or marshy soil. Because it can weaken the structure of your house.

Plot size and structure-

Rectangular plots add perfection to a residential or commercial space. Square plots are associated with peace and happiness, while rectangular plots bring health and prosperity. North or South facing property is considered very suitable for buying. That's why you should always choose a rectangular plot for purchase.