Vastu Tips For Kitchen: Remember these rules from cooking to eating, there will be many benefits!


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To correct the Vaastu of the house and the Vaastu of the kitchen, you will have to take special care of some things. The kitchen is the first place we enter at the beginning of the day, so it needs to be spotless. It is important to take special care of some rules of Vastu in the kitchen. Let us know what are these rules.

The kitchen should never be under the stairs. If so, you will always be in debt.

The kitchen should not be above or below the toilet, otherwise, it has a bad effect on the health and wealth of the family members. The economic condition of the house becomes weak.

While cooking, your face should not be towards the south. According to astrology, food should not be cooked only in the south direction but facing north and west. By doing this, grace remains on all the members of the house. Along with this, poverty starts coming into the family.

Regular cleaning of the kitchen and gas should be done. A dirty kitchen never lets you flourish and negative energy cannot enter such homes.

While cooking, your face should be towards the east. This direction is considered to be the direction of the Sun, the king of the planets. Eating food facing east provides relief from problems like illness and mental stress. If any person or old person is sick then you should eat food facing this direction, this will benefit you a lot.

Gas grill or stove etc. should not be visible from outside the main door of the house. This is considered a major drawback. If the kitchen is visible from your main door, then diseases will not go away from your home and the financial condition will also be weak.

Never eat food facing south, it will be very beneficial. Never leave food on the plate or disrespect the food. You can keep electrical appliances like microwave, mixer, etc. in the south-east corner. Apart from this, utensils or any heavy object should be kept in the south or west direction of the house. Apart from this, you can keep any light object in the east and north direction.

To keep kitchen utensils, slabs, cupboards, etc. are considered suitable in the south or west direction. Additionally, you can use the northwest corner to store spices and grains.

Besides, the kitchen windows should also be made bigger. According to Vastu, it is very important to have a fire angle i.e. south-east direction in the house. It is considered very auspicious to have the kitchen of the house in this direction. Apart from this direction, you can also make your kitchen in North-West or East-Central direction.