Vastu Tips: Follow these Vastu Tips to bring positive energy to the house


Vastu Tips: We all want to live in such a house, where there is an atmosphere of peace and relaxation, but it depends on how the energy of our house is. It is very important to have positive energy around you for your happiness, progress, and mental peace. You can create a positive environment around you by adopting some rules of Vastu, which helps in keeping the occupants of the house physically, mentally, and financially healthy.


Keep raw sea salt to absorb all the negative energy in the house. Apart from this, a pinch of sea salt can be added to the water used to clean the floor.

If you feel that even after working hard, your work has stopped or your work is not going according to plan, then keep two camphor tablets or cubes in the house and replace them when they dry up.


If there are problems due to Vastu defects in the house, then use wind chimes with six or eight sticks, as it increases positive energy.

Hang the horseshoe that has fallen by itself, pointing upwards, as it is believed to attract all good energies, the main gate being the perfect place for this.

Putting smiling pictures of your family in the living room can bring strength and positivity to relationships.

There should be no dry and unsightly looking trees or stubble in your garden. They increase negative energy, which creates an atmosphere of discord in the house.

If you are fond of decorating flowers at home, then note that it is important to keep changing them daily. Dried flowers hinder the flow of positive energy in the house.

The walls of the house should not have cracks and seals. Apart from this, there should not be any spider webs anywhere in the house, because this negative energy is transmitted in the house. Similarly, wastage of water anywhere in the house is inauspicious in Vastu.

Turn off all electronics and Wi-Fi at home while sleeping.