Vastu Tips: Don't offer these flowers to Goddess Durga


According to Vastu Shastra, flowers are also very important in life. It has been told that which flower to be offered to which god or goddess is very auspicious. 

These days Navratri is going on, so today we are going to inform you which flower should not be offered to the mother. Offering these flowers to the mother can make the mother angry. Maa Durga should not be offered any flower bud except Champa and Lotus during Navratri.


They should also not offer Doob, Madar, Harsingar, Bel, and Tagar. The flowers of Katsaraiya, Nagchampa, and Brihati are considered forbidden for the mother. 

On the other hand, white and yellow flowers should be offered to Lord Vishnu, red flowers to Surya, Ganesh, and Bhairav ​​, and white flowers to Lord Shankar. Lord is pleased because of these flowers.