Vastu Tips: Do this work after offering prasad to the deities!


In Vastu Shastra, many types of information have also been given about the offerings of worship. Prasad is offered to the deities to please them. In Vastu Shastra, information was given about what is auspicious to do after offering prasad to God. 


 According to Vastu, offering Prasad or Naivedya in metal (gold, silver, or copper), stone, sacrificial wood, or earthen pot is considered auspicious. According to Vastu, the offered naivedya becomes instantly purified and that is why it should be picked up immediately. 


Due to the Naivedya lying near the deities, negative energy is transmitted in the house. That is why the Prasad should be picked up immediately after offering it to the deity. Prasad should be eaten immediately or distributed to someone.