Vastu Tips: Do not plant these trees around the house, they are considered inauspicious...


Vastu Tips: People like greenery, green trees and plants around the house. This is the reason that while building a house, people also plant different types of trees around it. These trees and plants not only enhance the beauty of the house but also keep the surrounding environment clean. Trees and plants are very important for the environment. But do you know that there are some trees and plants which can also become the reason for the destruction of the house. Planting them around the house is considered inauspicious. So come, we are going to tell you about such trees and plants, which are considered inauspicious in or around the house.


1. Plum tree: Plum tree should not be planted around the house. These are considered inauspicious. put them away from home

2. Sycamore tree: Sycamore tree should not be planted around the house. This brings poverty in the house. There is a possibility of eye disease from the sycamore tree in the north.

3. Peepal tree: Peepal tree is worshipped. Peepal tree is also considered a good source of oxygen. But trees should not be planted near the house. Peepal tree near the house is not auspicious. It is believed that as far as his shadow is, he destroys. There is a fear of fire from Peepal in the east direction of the house. To remove the defect of Peepal, a wall should be built around the tree. It should be irrigated with water daily and a lamp should be lit in it.

4. Pakad tree: Planting Pakad tree in the south of the house causes loss of life. That's why Pakad tree should not be planted around the house.

5. Date palm tree: Date palm tree can be seen in many homes. But sometimes this tree also becomes the cause of loss. Having a date palm tree at home can lead to financial crisis. Therefore, if you want to plant a date palm tree at home, then plant it at some distance from the house.


6. Jackfruit tree: Jackfruit tree should also not be planted near the house. Plant it at a distance from the house. This is considered inauspicious.