Vastu Tips: Do not give these things to anyone after sunset, otherwise you may have to face these problems


Many people do not get proper results even after working hard. There may also be some habits or actions of the people behind this. Today, we are going to give you information about which works have a bad effect on your financial condition. Because of this, the happiness and peace of the house go away. 

According to Vastu Shastra, it is not auspicious to give sour things like curd, pickle, etc. to anyone after sunset. For this reason, people should avoid doing this. For this reason, the prosperity of the house can be reduced. Not only this, but giving salt to someone in the evening is also not considered auspicious.


By doing this, the person also has to face problems. At the same time, keeping water utensils empty in the kitchen is also not considered auspicious. Due to empty kitchen utensils, people may have to face a financial crisis.