Vastu Tips: Do not do this work at all in the south-west direction of the house, otherwise you will have to face difficulties...


Vastu Tips For South West Direction: The importance of each direction has been explained in detail in Vastu Shastra. It is believed that negative or positive energy comes out from every single thing present in the house. Which affects the life of every person living in that house. For this reason, in Vastu Shastra, things should not be kept in each direction and which would be auspicious. It has also been told about this. In this sequence, today, know which things should not be kept in the southwest direction, so that inauspicious effects can be avoided.


Direction of Rahu-Ketu
According to Vastu Shastra, the South-West direction is considered as the direction of Rahu-Ketu. That's why keeping some auspicious things in this direction has a negative effect. Know what things should not be kept in the southwest direction.

Do not keep these things in the South-West direction

According to Vastu Shastra, a worship house should not be built in this direction at all. Keeping deities in this direction does not give the result of worship. With this, your mind will not remain focused. The mind becomes fickle due to which you cannot worship properly.

Underground water tank
Do not keep the underground water tank in the South-West direction. Because this can increase Vastu defects. To maintain the balance of positive energy in this direction, make an upward tuck in this direction.

According to Vastu, even a toilet should not be built in this direction. This will generate more positive energy. This will have a bad effect on the progress of the people living in the house and will always remain ill.

Study room
According to Vastu, the study room should also not be made in the southwest direction. Because by sitting in this direction and studying, your mind will keep running here and there. Nothing will be remembered and there will be a decrease in concentration.


Guest room
There should not be a guest room in the southwest direction. According to Vastu, due to the direction of Rahu and Ketu, the person living in this direction starts thinking of himself as the owner of that house. Because there is a sudden change in his mind and behavior. In such a situation, that person starts behaving badly with everyone.