Vastu Tips: Chanting facing this direction gives victory over enemies and opponents


A lot of information has also been given in Vastu Shastra about worshiping God. It has been told that it is very auspicious for a person to worship facing in which direction and in which direction he should not worship. 


According to Vastu Shastra, chanting facing west is very auspicious for a person. By worshiping facing in this direction, the person's desire for wealth, glory, and opulence gets fulfilled.

On the other hand, according to Vastu, chanting facing the south direction, he gets the Shatkarmas. On the other hand, it is also auspicious for a person to chant facing the north-west, that is, the west angle. 


Chanting in this direction gives him victory over enemies and opponents. 

Not only this, chanting facing south-east, that is, in the igneous angle, is also beneficial for the person. Worshiping mainly in this direction fulfills the desire for attractiveness and beauty.