Vastu Tips: Are these plants or trees planted in your house too? If yes then click to know more about them!


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Whatever we keep in the house has special significance from Vaastu's point of view. It is important to take care of Vastu even before planting trees in the house. Because according to Vastu, there are many trees and plants which can cause poverty. We are going to give you information about this.

According to Vastu, plants with thorns should never be planted in the house. Planting such plants in the house is not auspicious and they bring negativity. Apart from this, any kind of withered plants should not be kept in the house. These plants also bring negativity to life.


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Even a vine tree should not be planted inside the house. Planting a vine tree gives rise to more property disputes. Also, planting a vine tree in the house increases the conflict.

However, the banana tree is worshipped in the Hindu religion. But remember to never plant a banana tree inside the house. This does not bring prosperity to the house.