Vastu Tips: According to Vastu, which God's idol should be kept in the car, know here!


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Often, after buying their car, people keep an idol of some god or goddess in it. Many people also hang Rudraksha beads in the car. But is it right to do so? Let us know which idols of gods and goddesses should be kept in the car and how.

We should install the idol of Lord Ganesha, the destroyer of obstacles, in the car. Lord Ganesha removes the difficulties coming in the way and solves every problem. Therefore, a small idol of Lord Ganesha should be kept in the car.

Apart from this, it is auspicious to install the idol of Pawanputra Hanuman ji in the car. Always keep a flying idol of Hanuman Ji in the car.


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Apart from this, a two-sided idol of Lord Ganesha can also be installed on the dashboard of the car. Facing the back of Lord Ganesha is not considered auspicious, hence keep such an idol.

However, if you smoke cigarettes, consume alcohol, or consume meat in the car, do not keep any kind of idol in the car.