Vastu Tips: According to Vastu Shastra, these 5 plants should always be planted in the house!


Many people plant many plants in the house according to Vastu. This purifies the atmosphere of the house and brings happiness to life. There are also some such plants that are considered to bring happiness and prosperity to the house.

According to Vastu, planting these plants in the house not only brings positive energy but also leads to the progress of the family members. We are going to tell you about these 5 plants.



Planting the Tulsi plant in the house brings happiness and prosperity. But during this time it is also very important for you to take care of some things. You should worship it duly. Apart from this, it should not be kept in the south direction. The right place to place it is considered to be the east direction or the northeast. Tulsi should not be touched on Sunday.


This plant is believed to be related to Shani Dev. You should place it on the left side of the house. It is believed that by planting a plant, there is never a shortage of money and food in the house. Apart from this, Vastu defects are also removed.



Applying turmeric at home is considered very auspicious. The best place to plant it is considered to be in the north or east direction. By applying it in the house, your wishes will be fulfilled and there will be an increase in wealth.

Money Tree or Crassula

It is also called the jade plant. By applying it in the house, there will be an increase in wealth. It should be installed on the inside at the entrance near the gate. This plant can be planted anywhere in the sun or shade.

bamboo plants

Planting bamboo plants in the house brings happiness and prosperity. Keeping small bamboo plants tied in a red thread in the northeast or north direction brings economic progress.