Vastu tips : Bring these things home before the start of Hindu New Year


Planting a Tulsi plant on the occasion of the Hindu New Year is considered auspicious, so plant a Tulsi plant at home before the Hindu New Year begins.

Before the Hindu New Year, bring a metal turtle to your home, keeping it in the north direction removes negative energy and blesses Goddess Lakshmi.

You can also bring Laughing Buddha into the house before the Hindu New Year, there is never a shortage of money by keeping it in the house.

You bring home a small coconut and wrap it in a cloth and keep it in the vault so that Goddess Lakshmi stays in your house for a long time.

If you have not kept a crystal pyramid in your house, then definitely bring it in the new year, it removes all the negative energy from home and office.

Jade plant attracts money fast, in such a situation, before the start of the Hindu New Year, definitely bring Jade plant at home.