Vastu: If you want happiness, peace and positive energy in your home then follow these Vastu tips, there will be no shortage of money!


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Vastu has a deep impact on our lives. According to Vastu, a direction has been set for everything in the house, and following it brings positive energy to the house.

If there is negative energy in your house and no work is getting done then you should follow some Vastu tips.

Some easy solutions of Vastu Shastra

According to Vastu Shastra, the main door of the house and the areas around it should be clean and tidy. Along with this, garbage should also not be kept here.

You should never build a temple under the stairs or in the bedroom of your house. For financial gain, the idol of Lord Ganesha and peacock feathers should be kept in the southeast of the main door of the house.


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Peaceful and soothing music should be played in the house, as this attracts money. Make sure to install wind chimes on the main door of the house. Light a lamp or camphor daily for positive energy in the house.

Burning bay leaves in the house also purifies the house and removes negative energy. Apart from this, never keep broken utensils in the house nor use them.

Never paint the main door of the house black. Instead of black color, you can get it dark brown.