Vastu: If money does not last even in your hands, it may be a Vastu defect, follow these tips!


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Often a person works very hard, but still, he does not get success in life. Despite hard work and talent, financial problems persist. There are some people who achieve more with less effort. In fact, by building a house according to Vastu, there is a flow of positive energy in the house. In such a situation, there are some important Vastu tips to get financial prosperity, by following which you can open the way for the flow of money. Let us know what are those solutions.

Effective Vastu Tips for Money

The main door of the house has a very important place in Vastu Shastra. It is the main means of entry of universal energy in any building. That's why its positive and negative effects are also widely seen.

The North East direction is very important in terms of money. So keep the North East direction empty and clean.

The locker should be placed towards the south or southwest wall so that it opens towards the north.


Photo Credit: lokmat.news18

An increase or decrease in any direction in the house causes Vastu defects. This type of Vaastu defect causes financial loss, disruption in the flow of money, health problems, legal disputes, etc.

Keep the slope of the house from southwest to north-east. The south-west angle should be kept highest and then the height of the building should decrease towards the south-west, north-west, and north-east respectively.

It is considered very auspicious to have water in the northeast direction, so a water fountain can be installed in this direction. Remember that the water in the fountain must flow continuously.

Keep the room and walls blue in the north direction and try not to put red-colored things in this direction.