Vastu About Color: Do not get yellow color done in this direction even by mistake, it may have a bad effect on health..


Vastu about Yellow Color: After building a house, adding color to the house adds to its beauty. But do you know that you should also keep in mind the Vastu rules while getting the colors done? Using yellow color in the house is considered very beneficial. This color is a symbol of auspiciousness. Yellow color is used in any auspicious work, from tilak on the forehead to turmeric ceremony in marriage. Thus, it can be a good idea to use yellow to spread auspiciousness in your home. But according to Vastu rules, the yellow color should be done according to the direction. Let us know in which direction the yellow color should be done and in which direction this color should not be done even by mistake, otherwise, there may be health loss.


In which direction does yellow color
According to Vastu Shastra, yellow color can be used on the east wall of the house. But keep in mind that too much dark yellow color should not be used there. You try to do double-tone color there. A single color is not considered auspicious.

Each color has its direction and owner. The lord of yellow color is Jupiter. It gives you knowledge and wisdom. That's why to get the maximum benefit of yellow color, it is advised to use it in the north-east direction i.e. northeast. However, here also you should take care that you should not use yellow only. If yellow color is used in the northeast, then it brings happiness, prosperity, and peace of mind.


In which direction yellow color should not be done
-Yellow paint in the southeast direction of the house harms the elements of the directions associated with this color. That's why don't get the yellow color done in this direction even by mistake.
-According to Vastu Shastra, getting yellow color in the firing angle causes harm.
-Getting the yellow color done in the south-east direction harms the mother.
-Due to this, the planet owner starts having stomach problems and he has to face many problems in life.
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