Uttar Pradesh Travel: Would you like to visit the only beach in Uttar Pradesh?


Let us ask you a simple question. If you get a chance to visit any beach in South India, which state would you like to visit? Perhaps your answer could be Kerala or Tamil Nadu.

If you are asked whether you would like to roam around on the beach in Goa or Maharashtra, then what will be your answer? You say yes without thinking, but if you are asked whether you would like to roam around on any beach in Uttar Pradesh, then what will be your answer?

You may say that such a beach cannot exist in Uttar Pradesh, but you may be told that yes, Uttar Pradesh is such a beach, where after visiting once, you would like to go again.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the only beach located in Uttar Pradesh, where you can go anytime with family, friends or partners.

Where is the only beach in Uttar Pradesh?


Let us first know in which city the only middle name of Uttar Pradesh is found. The name of the beach we are talking about is Chuka Beach.   

Chuka Beach is located on the outskirts of Pilibhit city, not in any other city of Uttar Pradesh. This beautiful beach is located about an hour away from Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. 

Attracts tourists from Uttar Pradesh and Nepal


By now you must have known that it is located at a distance of about an hour from Bareilly. For your information, let us also tell you that this beautiful beach is located on the outskirts of Pilibhit Tiger Reserve located on the India-Nepal border.

Due to its presence on the India-Nepal border, tourists keep coming here not only from India but also from Nepal. During monsoon, there is a crowd of tourists present along Chuka beach. It is also called the home of migratory birds.

Specialty of Chuka Beach 


The speciality of Chuka Beach is its pride. This beach is located on the outskirts of Pilibhit, so it is very peaceful here. It is very close to nature, hence this beach is considered a paradise for nature lovers.

You will be filled with joy after seeing the greenery and natural beauty located around Chuka Beach. The weather here is also pleasant all the time, hence it is also known as the best picnic spot. For your information, let us tell you that the areas around Chuka Beach are being developed as eco-tourism spots.

Why is Chuka Beach special for tourists? 

Chuka Beach is very special for tourists. Especially for those who love nature, it is no less than a paradise. Tourists can sunbathe on the beach and also enjoy the peaceful environment.

From food stalls to many adventure activities, there are also arrangements around Chuka Beach. The view of sunrise and sunset here attracts a lot of tourists. Many couples keep coming to visit this beach. More number of tourists come to visit during weekends.

How to reach Chuka Beach?

To explore Chuka Beach, you can easily reach from any city in the country. For this, you can catch a train from cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata etc. to Pilibhit or Bareilly.  

After reaching Pilibhit or Bareilly railway station, you can take a local bus, taxi or cab to Chuka Beach. Apart from this, you can also reach Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh. The distance between Lucknow and Chuka Beach is about 260 km.