Utility: These 25 people do not have to pay toll tax, they can travel anywhere in the country!


The biggest tension is of toll tax as soon as you get on the road. After crossing a short distance, a hefty amount has to be paid in the form of toll tax. At present, the number of advanced and hi-tech expressways in the country is increasing rapidly. After the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, PM Modi inaugurated several expressways. Many facilities are provided in this express. Also, the travel time has been halved. Now toll tax will also have to be paid when such a big road is available. But there are some people who do not have to pay any tax at the toll booth.

There are some vehicles in the country which do not have to pay any toll. The Ministry of Transport has also released a list in this regard. About 25 people included in this list will not have to pay toll tax. Keeping in mind the safety of vehicles, toll tax is used in road construction. It is under the control of the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI). The government of India has introduced FASTag which is a cashless toll travel process to collect tolls.


These cars do not have to pay toll tax. 

There are many vehicles in India which are allowed to pass without paying a toll. These include the President of India, Vice President of India, Prime Minister of India, Governor of any State, Chief Justice of India, Lok Sabha Speaker, Cabinet Minister, Chief Minister of any State, Supreme Court Judge, and Union Minister. Also Lieutenant Governor of a Union Territory, Chief of Staff of a full general or equivalent rank, Legislature of a State President of the Council, Speaker of the State Legislature, Chief Justice of a High Court, Judge of a High Court, Member of Parliament, Commander of the Army, Army Chief and Sankhya in other services, Chief Secretary to the State Government, Secretary to the Government of India, Secretary, State Council, Lok Sabha, Secretary also.


They also get an exemption

Central and state armed forces in uniform including paramilitary forces and police, executive magistrates, and fire departments also do not have to pay toll tax. In addition, foreign dignitaries on state visits, members of the Legislative Assembly of a State, and members of the Legislative Council of that State can avoid paying toll tax on the production of identity cards issued by the respective Legislature.