Utility News: This government portal will give you complete information about electronic products, this is how you can take advantage


There are some such electronic products in your house too, which you must be using. But in case of their failure, when you call a mechanic or go to the market to get it repaired, you are charged an exorbitant amount. This happens because you do not have information about that product, nor do we know about its parts. 

But now this will not happen, for this, a portal has been created by the government which will have complete information or parts of many electronic items, TV, freeze, AC, washing machine. Also, you will get their manufacturing date in it. You will even know their value.

For this, with the help of the government's Right to Repair portal, you can know the cost of parts of your product, and you can get information about their parts. For this, you must first go to the government's Right to Repair portal. Here you can know from the manufacturing date of your goods to expiry and the cost of each part.

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